Palgey Maim is a leading global provider of sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure development in Israel and developing countries worldwide. Established in 1973, Palgey Main offers over 50 years of international experience and extensive professional knowledge. The firm employs over 100 professionals in its 3 main offices in Israel, and with many industry partnerships continues to provide innovative, cost-efficient and pioneering solutions in all its market segments.

Services and Market Segments

Palgey Maim provides comprehensive end-to-end services, such as development, planning and engineering design, advanced technology, supervision and management, maintenance and implementation etc. Since its establishment, Palgey Maim has successfully implemented countless projects for governments, municipalities, public organizations and private corporations worldwide in all markets segments – water and wastewater, agriculture, aquaculture, drainage, reservoirs and more.

Professional Team

Palgey Maim employs over 100 professionals specializing in various fields – civil engineering, agriculture, environmental planning, finance, project management, agronomy, system analysis and more. With its holistic approach and diverse pool of professionals, creative engineers and seasoned managers, Palgey Maim delivers custom tailored projects that accurately address the clients’ requirements.

Group Ownership

Today Palgey Maim is owned by Allied Group International and MEI (Meshkey Emek Izrael Ltd.). With its many industry partners, Palgey Maim develops hundreds of innovative global projects in Israel and internationally.

Social Responsibility

Preserving nature and creating sustainable communities is one of Palgey Maim’s guiding principles. We live in a world where technology and over population are real threats, and the demand for food and water is ever growing. Consequently, through all of its years as an industry leader, Palgey Main has strived to create long-lasting and sustainable solutions – proving that nature and humanity are intertwined and we must preserve the delicate balance between the two.

Palgey Maim’s systems are certified in compliance with ISO 9001.