List of members of Pelgey Maim management and company executives, including details of experience and responsibilities in the company’s activities.

Meirav Kedem
CEO, Palgey Mayim

Meirav joined Palgey Mayim in 2021 as CFO and Initiatives Manager after serving in senior positions in the Ministry of the Economy, her last position there as Senior Deputy Accountant General.

Meirav entered the private flow infrastructures sector further to her in-depth familiarization with the field of infrastructures in her government sector positions. She brings vast experience in execution and management of large scale budgets, as well as expertise in projects operated in conjunction with the private sector based on the Public Private Partnership method.

Meirav is well-versed in leading cross-organizational changes which infuse systemic streamlining and apply the appropriate technological innovations.

Yuval Raikin

Accountant Yuval Raikin joined Palgey Mayim in 2022. Yuval holds more than 20 years ‎of experience in finance, having previously worked in the PwC (Pricewaterhouse ‎Coopers) Israel and London branches, and later serving as CFO in public energy ‎companies.‎

Eng. Arie Polinsky
Chief Engineer

Arie, a Technion graduate with degrees in Agricultural Engineering, joined Palgey Maim in 1993 as an engineer and was appointed as Chief Engineer in 2004. For over 23 years Arye has skillfully developed many projects in segments such as water, wastewater, and drainage.

Eng. Ofer Scheuer

With degrees in both Civil and Environmental Engineering and over 22 years of professional experience, Ofer is a company asset. He is Director of Operation and Supervision, responsible for all areas relating to waste treatment facilities and management.

Eng. Ran Weisman
Division Manager

With degrees in water and soil engineering, Eng. Ran Weisman has over 25 years of experience in water infrastructure. Over the course of his career with Palgey Maim Ran has designed and supervised many domestic and international projects in water, wastewater, drainage, reservoirs, waste treatment, reclaimed water and many more.

Bat El Kubi
Human Resources Manager ‎

With her BA from Bar Ilan University in Human Services, involved in the field since ‎‎2000, and a certified senior payroll accountant, Bat El specializes in organizational ‎human capital management. Her roles at Palgey Mayim include employee ‎management and oversight, covering the employee life cycle from recruitment to ‎assimilation and employment termination; developing employee assimilation and ‎retention programs; managing and overseeing organizational development ‎processes and employee training; managing organizational wellbeing; providing ‎oversight to managers; and handling issues related to labor laws, payroll auditing, ‎and employment attendance.‎ Bat El especially loves making Palgey Mayim feel like a second home and family to ‎the organization’s devoted employees.‎

Igor Eppel
Manager of the northern planning teams

Igor has a master's degree in water and sewage engineering. He initiated his professional career in 1994, and over the years, he has planned numerous projects in the fields of water, sewage, and drainage both in Israel and abroad. In 2013, he joined Palgey Maim as an engineer and was subsequently promoted to a team leader. Currently, he holds the position of Manager of the planning teams in the northern branches.

Itamar Cohen
Manager for the company's central branches

Itamar joined Palgey Maim in 2023, following approximately 16 years at TAHAL, as the manager for the company's central branches, overseeing operations at the Petah Tikva branch and subsidiaries, including Ecolog engineering, Zafrir Weinstein P.M., and Kopolovitz P.M. Itamar holds a degree in civil engineering and possesses extensive experience in planning fluid infrastructures, managing and leading national projects, and navigating complex multi-interface processes.

Tamir Ben-Nahum
Deputy Manager O&M Department

Tamir has over 17 years of experience in managing our crews, and operating pumping station, water and wastewater plants and more. He has been part of numerous projects and has consulted on manufacturing electro-mechanic equipment and more.

Miri Peled
Marketing Director & PMO

Miri holds a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Haifa.
With over 20 years of experience, she has successfully managed and led marketing processes for B2B companies.
Since 2023, Miri has been in charge of managing the company's marketing and special projects.