Farming and agriculture are a driving force in the development of mankind. However, supplying food to an ever-growing population is still our greatest challenge. Palgey Maim’s integrated agricultural development projects are part of the solution.

We are all faced with the same problem on a daily basis – we all need water and food. However, food supplies are at an all time low due to over-population and harsh global environmental conditions. Therefore, there is a need for advanced agricultural technology – supplying as much as possible, in as little time as possible is a real demand. This is especially true in developing countries. Palgey Maim’s integrated agricultural projects are efficient, profitable and sustainable. Using modern technologies and growing methods, Palgey Maim’s projects are part of the global solution to a critical food and water supply and demand problem.

Palgey Maim offers over 40 years of experience in its market segments, and provides extensive support from the initial stages of development and soil characterization to the final stages of operation and water supply – in both agricultural and water sectors. Palgey Maim’s in-house team works with governmental authorities and private enterprises to develop agricultural projects that enhance food security and maximize financial benefits in developing countries worldwide.

With a universal approach that takes into consideration the physical, human, climatic and economic features of the project area, creating sustainable solutions that provide durable value – whether for single crops or varied agricultural projects. Leveraging extensive agronomic skill, a end-to-end service approach, and wide-ranging project management capabilities, Palgey Maim delivers tailor-made solutions that transform challenging environmental conditions into cost-cost-efficient successful agricultural initiatives, while maintaining green and environmentally friendly methods.


Palgey Maim offers complete end-to-end services in all areas relating to aquaculture, specializing in all commercially distributed fish and shrimp. By carefully constructing tailor-made systems we provide operations and maintenance for optimized yields and economic returns. We have successfully completed numerous aquaculture worldwide: Trout ponds in Turkey, Open Flow ponds in Central and South America, Open reservoirs in Africa and many more.

Dairy and Livestock

Palgey Maim offers professional services in all fields regarding proper and high-tech livestock management (semi/fully automated), that are both economically beneficial and environmentally safe.


Palgey Maim offers extensive experience in constructing and operating various poultry farms and enclosures. Our services include a complete one-stop-shop that delivers a comprehensive solution – from soil optimization to drainage and rooftops.

Water and Irrigation

Water is the most important component in agriculture, and is a rare resource in many developing countries. Palgey Maim offers all of its services in creating new ways to provide water for agricultural use – irrigation, reclaimed water, micro-irrigation and more.

Palgey Maim provides its customers with full end-to-end turnkey solutions that cover all aspects of project planning, implementation and operations. With over 40 years in the industry, we supply our clients with the best technologies for their specific needs. Palgey Maim has the expertise to address the complete agricultural production chain.

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