Palgey Maim offers extensive experience in drainage infrastructure, SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems), as well as river and stream restoration.

Drainage is fundamental to the establishment of a sustainable environment in towns, cities, and agriculture. Palgey Maim can address drainage issues to help prevent frequent flooding, provide an environment resilient to extreme events and protect watercourses from combined sewage discharges and from stormwater runoff.

Transportation Drainage Infrastructure

Palgey Maim is a certified organization specializing in transport drainage and road/motorway infrastructure. Our professional team of experienced engineers and drainage modelers use traditional modeling techniques, alongside other innovative methods for risk assessment and hydraulic performance. A prime example for a large-scale transportation drainage project is the Section 7 Israel Cross-Country Highway – which included main drainage pipelines, flood assessment and management, waterway simulation and construction, tunnels etc.

Agricultural Drainage Infrastructure

Palgey Maim is a leading expert in sustainable agricultural draining systems, irrigation systems, subterranean drainage and irrigation, agricultural plantation design, salt eradication, hydraulic designs, waterway construction, rainwater harvesting, groundwater management etc. Our firm is vastly experienced in constructing advanced drainage systems across thousands of kilometers.

River and Stream Restoration

River restoration is an integral part of sustainable water management. By restoring natural conditions, river restoration improves the resilience of the river systems and provides the framework for the sustainable multifunctional use of rivers and streams. As an eco-friendly and green organization, river restoration is of one of our most important objectives while cultivating a sustainable future for our environment.

Agricultural Plantation and Orchard Design

Palgey Maim has over 40 years of experience in agricultural design. We have successfully grown produce in dry and arid terrains, while enriching the local farmers and creating new market places. We take into account the natural state of an area, and address the drainage and irrigation needs accordingly. We have cultivated olives, avocado, almond and many other crops while maintaining a holistic bond with the environment.

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