Containing hazardous materials and pollutants with wide ranges of devastating effects, industrial waste is an enormous source of environmental destruction with the potential to destroy vast ecosystems. Palgey Maim specializes in industrial waste treatment and offers unparalleled expertise in this field.

With the advances in technology and industry worldwide, industrial wastes are increasingly threatening our environment more than ever before. With an immeasurable potential to destroy entire ecosystems, it is important to harvest our knowledge and act in order to prevent further damage to the delicate environmental balance.

Palgey Maim is a certified organization in wastewater management and industrial waste treatment, with vast experience and clients ranging from private sector industries to municipal, corporate, water and sewage companies and more. In addition to full-scale operations and management, we also address and handle regulatory issues regarding health and environmental protocols. Our industrial waste division provides consulting, planning, operation, and management in all of the required sectors. In addition to end-to-end services, Palgey Maim also specializes in system upgrades and general optimization of existing systems, helping our clients achieve the best and most cost-efficient results.

Areas of Expertise and Services

  • Waste management and application of monitoring systems for industries and governments.
  • Extensive experience in water and waste regulation, and working with corresponding municipal and water management offices and companies.
  • Laboratory services.
  • On-site testing and supervision.
  • Extensive feasibility studies and waste classification tests.
  • Advanced control-systems for waste operating and management.
  • Complete engineering consultation.
  • Tailor-made solutions.

Palgey Maim is a prominent expert in waste management and treatment. Our professional team includes experienced engineers and technicians, who provide around-the-clock services to our clients. With a combined experience of over 40 years, Palgey Maim among the leading organizations for industrial waste treatment.

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