Water and reclaimed water reservoirs are vital to sustainable water management, both domestically and globally. Palgey Maim offers over 40 years of expertise in engineering and constructing various reservoirs.

Israel is a superior example of a country with advanced water management and reservoir construction. As a naturally arid and dry land with few water resources, it has become a desert oasis due to proper and innovative water infrastructures – minimizing fresh water consumption and maximizing reclaimed water use.

From its founding in 1973, Palgey Maim has designed and constructed hundreds of various reservoirs both domestically and globally.

Palgey Maim specializes in concrete and open-air HPDE reservoirs – the HPDE lining is made out of high-density polyethylene, which attribute to its durability, longevity and protection. Our reservoirs are durable and withstand very harsh environmental conditions and chemicals.

In addition to standard reservoirs, Palgey Maim also specializes in floodwater and rain harvesting reservoirs – an imperative element for environmental preservation and sustainable infrastructure design. These types of reservoirs allow us to create new farming and water management opportunities in area which were previously barren.

With proper reservoir construction, we were able to create new farming opportunities in new areas that were previously barren. In one of our most ambitious project, Kvish HaSargel (“Ruler Raod”) we have constructed a 1 M cubic meter reservoir with pipelines extending over hundreds of kilometers. By building this reservoir we have created a new area for farming and agriculture, contributing to the cultivation of new crops.

In addition to reservoir planning, design and construction Palgey Maim offers risk assessment management and a state-of-the-art control center for real-time maintenance and upkeep. We are currently controlling over 80 reservoirs, with new ones being added regularly. Using a single center allows us to supervise the multiple processes involved in water management and irrigation.

Palgey Maim offers its clients a rich resume of over 90 constructed reservoirs of various capacities.

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