With over 50 years of experience in the water and sewage sectors, Palgey Maim has the expertise to provide innovative, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions.

Water is a principal natural resource; we use water in almost every aspect of our daily life, sometimes without even realizing it – private sectors, agricultural industries, technology companies, medical institutions, industrial plants and many more. However, most of us don’t give a second thought to the simple fact that water is readily available for our consumption. We open our faucets and fill our glasses with clean drinkable water, but behind that single glass of water is an entire complex network of intricate systems and infrastructures that must all work in harmony in order to provide us with one of the most basic pillars of life – water.

Our time is characterized by rapidly advancing technology, over population and a decreased availability of natural resources such as water; these significant challenges require innovative solutions, creative minds, and pioneering new plans for better infrastructures. Providing long-lasting solutions today is the right way to improve the tomorrow.

By viewing water as an integrated system, Palgey Main delivers solutions for conveyance, wastewater treatment, water treatment, and water resources projects that minimize cost and maximize the sustainability of the resource.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water supply, water treatment and wastewater treatment systems are the connecting links between the resource and the consumer. Palgey Main specializes in designing, planning, implementing, and operating these complex systems. The firm is well established in working with a diverse clientele, such as private sector companies, agricultural sectors, industrial firms, corporate facilities, new and existing urban centers, rural settlements, local municipalities, large-scale metropolises, government offices (water, irrigation and more) etc.

In order to create cost-efficient and long-lasting infrastructure systems, Palgey Maim approaches each project with a modern approach that merges between traditional methods and cutting-edge innovative solutions. As an industry leader in water and wastewater treatment we assert the importance of creating durable systems that take into account both the needs of our clients and the needs of the environment – bringing the highest quality solutions while keeping our planet green.

Palgey Main has the expertise ranging from addressing the water resource needs of growing populations, to pipeline design and rehabilitation of aging pipelines and other infrastructures, to the implementation of emerging technologies to address your most complex water resource management, wastewater treatment and stormwater management issues.

We provide a full suite of integrated water and wastewater engineering and construction services from the planning phase through to start-up of water and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as existing facility upgrades.

With an understanding of the regulations driving the water and wastewater industry, we’ve developed the relationships necessary to help you meet your goals. We work closely with clients to provide solutions to protect, enhance, store and distribute water.

Master Planning (Comprehensive Planning)

In order to execute each project with the best possible outcomes, a correct and well-designed master plan must be established. Comprehensive Planning is the fundamental basis for each engineering projects, therefore by forming a detailed master plan Palgey Main provides governance that results in consistency and efficiency while also allowing innovative ideas to be tested and incorporated into the overall delivery process. Moreover, by creating models and simulations using advanced tools such as WaterCad and SewerCad, we are able to create dynamic visual interfaces that enable us to view our progress and development in “real time”. Building master plans is by far the most important aspect of each project.

Palgey Maim has experience in the infrastructure industry that has been gathered for over 40 years, and offers over 100 professionals in all sectors of water engineering – producing cost saving and innovative solutions that address the multi-disciplinary nature of our clients’ challenges. From upgrading and expanding aging water and wastewater infrastructure to revitalizing a city’s treatment facilities, our approach focuses on creating sustainable systems that synchronize with our needs and the needs of our surroundings.


The Valley Cities project is an impressive example of Palgey Maim’s large-scale operations. The project consisted of initiative, planning, management and production, and marks one of the first extensive cooperation projects between several municipalities in the Jezreel Valley. The two prime objectives of this project were to use existing water reservoirs in order to create a natural extension of the area’s environmental features; and identifying all the sewage and reclaimed water requirements in order to provide this large area with treatment facilities and sustainable infrastructure. The projects now runs over 17,000,000 cubic meters per year and connects over 40 reservoirs throughout the Jezreel Valley area – it is one of the largest projects of its kind in Israel. This project is an example of proper planning that results in cost-saving and efficient solutions, which not only take into account the existing state of the area, but also maintains its natural environment.

Key Features & Components


Pumping stations


Chlorination systems

Storage reservoirs

Pipelines (steel and polyethylene)

Vertical drilling

Specification faucets

Measurement systems 

Hydraulic simulations

Production optimization

Scada system


Pumping stations

Pipelines (steel, polyethylene, PVC)

Trenches (deep, customized)

Aquifer and groundwater development

Pre-treatment facilities (solids separation, reduction treatment, sand separation)

Specification faucets

Measurement systems

Gravitation and pressure systems

Production optimization

Scada system

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