Palgey Maim provides comprehensive end-to-end services, such as development, planning and engineering design, advanced technology, supervision and management, maintenance and implementation etc. Since its establishment, Palgey Maim has successfully implemented countless projects for governments, municipalities, public organizations and private corporations worldwide in all markets segments – water and wastewater, agriculture, aquaculture, drainage, reservoirs and more.


Farming and agriculture are a driving force in the development of mankind. However, supplying food to an ever-growing population is still our greatest challenge. Palgey Maim’s integrated agricultural development projects are part of the solution. We are all faced with the same problem on a daily basis – we all need water and food. However, […]
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Palgey Maim selects, designs and applies aquaculture technologies to their proper locations Marine Cage Farming Aquaculture in lakes and reservoirs Flow through Sustainable Integrated Aquaculture Open Ponds Aquaculture Palgey Maim specializes in the design and engineering of modern aquaculture systems followed by construction, operation, training and management of commercial aquaculture projects globally. Areas of Expertise […]
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Industrial Waste

Containing hazardous materials and pollutants with wide ranges of devastating effects, industrial waste is an enormous source of environmental destruction with the potential to destroy vast ecosystems. Palgey Maim specializes in industrial waste treatment and offers unparalleled expertise in this field. With the advances in technology and industry worldwide, industrial wastes are increasingly threatening our […]
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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment plants are an integral element in water management and infrastructure. As demand for water is consistently growing, reclaimed water in the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way of supplying this demand. Palgey Maim is a primary expert in wastewater management and infrastructure, maintaining proven expertise in the implementation of advanced wastewater projects. For […]
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Water & Wastewater

With over 50 years of experience in the water and sewage sectors, Palgey Maim has the expertise to provide innovative, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions. Water is a principal natural resource; we use water in almost every aspect of our daily life, sometimes without even realizing it – private sectors, agricultural industries, technology companies, medical institutions, […]
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Drainage Infrastructure

Palgey Maim offers extensive experience in drainage infrastructure, SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems), as well as river and stream restoration. Drainage is fundamental to the establishment of a sustainable environment in towns, cities, and agriculture. Palgey Maim can address drainage issues to help prevent frequent flooding, provide an environment resilient to extreme events and protect watercourses […]
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Water and reclaimed water reservoirs are vital to sustainable water management, both domestically and globally. Palgey Maim offers over 40 years of expertise in engineering and constructing various reservoirs. Israel is a superior example of a country with advanced water management and reservoir construction. As a naturally arid and dry land with few water resources, […]
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