Project Description

  • Design and construction of a fish farm
  • General supervision of construction
  • Training in operation of the farm and growing of fish
  • Adaptation of biotechnology for the growing of catfish

Process Description

Design of an indoor fish farm and hatchery-breeding complex based on a closed RAS (Recirculation Aquaculture System) for intensive growing of catfish at Zikkim, with a total production of about 100 tons fish per year.

The enterprise is the outcome of a private initiative by a partnership of two successful agriculturists from the former Gush Katif region. The venture is based on a target niche market of foreign workers (from Thailand) who consider this fish a delicacy and consume it on a regular basis. The partners are currently marketing the fish through sources in northern Israel.

The farm includes a breeding complex producing fingerlings throughout the year, as well as grow-out culture facilities for intensive culture of fish under high densities in 8 grow-out ponds operating year round.

Among other things, the following were designed and installed:

  • Advanced systems for treatment and recirculation of water using innovative mechanical and biological filters
  • System for introducing atmospheric oxygen in the water
  • System for removal and treatment of organic matter
  • Water heating system and control system for maintaining water at an optimal temperature throughout the year

All systems were designed in full by Palgey Maim’s Aquaculture Department.

All aquaculture facilities were designed and built to suit the culture of different varieties of cultivable fish (universal facilities).

Services rendered:

  • Design and construction of advanced systems for water recycling and treatment
  • Design and construction of water heating and temperature control systems
  • Design and construction of a system for removal and treatment of organic matter
  • Design and construction of systems for introducing atmospheric oxygen into the water

Project details:

Country: Israel                        Start date: November 2018

Location: Zikkim                    Completion date: March 2019

Project Details
A catfish breeding farm designed for full utilization of the water used for irrigation after the fish ponds
Client Name
Yoram Mosavi
Main Figures
RAS farm for catfish breeding

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