This project deals with the design of fish farms for breeding\growing Tilapia and Catfish.

Palgey Maim carried out the general planning of the ponds, plumbing, structures, pumping facilities, etc and the detailed planning including piping, various systems, purchasing lists, etc.

The project includes 16 ponds with a volume of 300 cubic meters each – a total of 4,800 cubic meters, that were designed for growing 500 tons of fish per year.

The water needed for breeding the fish is pumped from the river (2,000 cubic meters per hour) and from wells, and is supplied to prefabricated fish ponds, produced and tested in Israel.

This project involved many challenges during the course of the work, and these among them were marine; working underwater on the pipeline below the river surface, working in high groundwater, large tidal differences, work in marshy terrain etc.

The river water is pumped directly to the fish farming pipe system, and the well water is conducted to the sedimentation pool

before being pumped to the well water pipe system. The drainage water is discharged into sedimentation pools for treatment before being returned to the river, in accordance with the quality required by local regulations.

Project Details
breeding farm for 500 tons per year.
Client Name
Shaul Moran International Consulting Ltd,
Gonen Levi Holdings Ltd
Main Figures
breeding farm for Catfish and Tilapia

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