Project Description

The Osem Factory in Yokneam is one of the leading factories in the food industry in Israel and its products are sold worldwide. The factory specializes in the production of baked goods. The factory has four main production lines: bakery products (crackers, biscuits and cookies), pretzels, pasta products and cakes.

The wastewater produced at the factory is characterized by a high organic load, high concentrations of suspended solids and high concentration of oils and fats. The project included upgrading an existing pretreatment system. The existing system was inefficient and the quality of the wastewater obtained did not conform to the water regulations. The new treatment system is based on DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) a physico- chemical treatment for the removal of fats and solids in the wastewater.

Wastewater data at the entrance to the plant:

Data                 Unit Value
Average hourly flow m3/h 5
Average overall COD concentration mg/L 11,500
Maximum overall COD concentration mg/L 20,000
Average suspended solid concentration mg/L 1,900
Maximum suspended solid concentration mg/L 4,500
Average oil and fat concentration mg/L 350
Maximum oil and fat concentration mg/L 1,000

Description of the pretreatment plant:

  • Submerged pumps for delivering the wastewater to the pretreatment plant
  • A 80 m3 wastewater balance tank
  • A DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) system for the removal of fat and solid, including all components of pumping, measuring, chemical dosing, mixing, air supply, electricity and control

The services that were provided

  • Conducting a survey of the current situation to characterize the quality and quantity of wastewater discharged by the plant
  • Examining alternatives for finding a suitable solution for pretreatment of the factory’s wastewater that would comply with the Water Regulations
  • Carrying out a pilot for the pretreatment of the factory’s wastewater in order to examine the ability to remove fats, suspended solids and the organic load
  • Oversight and supervision of the construction of facility
  • supervision of plant operation until treated wastewater of the required quality is obtained


Project Details
industrial wastewater
A pre-treatment system for food factory effluents to prevent anomalies and burdens on the regional police station
Client Name
Osem Plant, Yokneam
Main Figures
pre treatment system - DAF technology

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