Constructing of an effluent reclamation system including a reservoir and pipeline and pumping system. The reservoir receives effluent after pretreatment at an industrial plant in the city of Migdal Haemek, and delivers it for agricultural irrigation.

The reservoir was constructed in the easternmost part of the Jezereel Valley, which was not part of the effluent supply system until that time. The construction of the reservoir, along with the effluent supply system, contributed to the development of agriculture in the region and to a change in the variety of crops to irrigated crops.

Work details

  • Planning and constructing a reservoir with a volume of 1 million cubic meters
  • Earthworks on a scale of 300,000 cubic meters and the construction of embankments.
  • Design and constructing diverting the existing pipes from the area and planning and constructing a new pipeline.
  • Building a pumping plant – a large concrete chamber.
  • Building a pumping system for agricultural irrigation.
  • Facing the reservoir with HDPE sheeting to prevent permeation.
Project Details
Emek Izrael
water supply
Design and build of reclamation system for irrigation
Client Name
Kolchey Emek Yizreel
Main Figures
system includes pump station pipelines and reservoir of 1 million M3

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