Dovrat reservoir absorbs low quality secondary effluents, including pollutants and nutrients.‎
At the beginning of the spring and the rising temperatures, the growth of algae begins development of Daphnias ‎and other microorganisms.‎
These algae, microorganisms and macro-organisms, which reach high concentrations, clog the filters and prevent ‎irrigation.‎
Irrigation by the use of effluents is compromised and many components such as filters, drippers and other ‎components become clogged and prevent regular irrigation.‎
Nano Bubble system installed for advanced oxidation to prevent repeated clogging, ‎
The system oxidizes algae, daphnia and other microorganisms effectively achieving almost total clarity in the ‎reservoir water.‎

Reservoir information:
• ‎ Reservoir water surface area – 7.1 Ha
• ‎ Reservoir water depth – up to 7 meters ‎
• ‎ Maximum volume of the reservoir approx. 350,000 m3‎

Advantages of Nano Bubble as advanced oxidation method ‎
• High efficiency and low energy investment. ‎
• Testing of the effluent treated with this method indicates high efficiency of pollutant removal
• The concentration of oxygen in the reservoir treated with nano-bubbles increased and remained stable ‎
• Removal of organic load in the water

Facility Description

• Floating nano bubbles ozone system

‎1.‎ Testing the effluent at the reservoir outlet indicates a significant improvement in the quality of the effluent ‎following activation of the nano-bubble system.‎
‎2.‎ There is a significant visual improvement to the reservoir compared to the appearance of the reservoir ‎prior to activation.

Project Details
Dovrat ‎
water treatment
Treatment of algae and microorganisms clogging the irrigation with nano bubbles ozone system
Client Name
Water association Kolchi Emek Jezreel ‎
Main Figures
Nano bubbles

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