Project Description

Cowshed wastewater is characterized by high organic loads and high concentrations of solids and nitrogen. The project included the planning and implementation of an integrated pretreatment system for the wastewater produced in the cowshed from several main sources: the milking parlour, collecting yard, cooling water and rinsing. The main objective is the removal of solids and the gradual reduction of the organic load. The treatment system purpose is the removal of coarse and fine solids and intensive biological treatment of the wastewater in a system of constructed wetlands, in order to enable it to flow into the municipal sewage system in accordance with the water regulations.

Design data:

Number of dairy   cows

Daily quantity of wastewater








COD load


Suspended solid load


Design data 350 30 25,000 13,000 350 750 400
Product data 2,000 1,000 100

process characterization

  • Removal of coarse solids in a double two-phase static separator to remove medium and coarse solid for an average 24-hour HRT in each cell.
  • Removal of fine solids in a mechanical rotating separator – the wastewater from the milking parlor after filtration in the static separator is flow into a pumping and mixing pit to ensure homogenous feeding of wastewater into the rotating separator.
  • A system of first and second level constructed wetlands for filtration and biological treatment of wastewater, including the removal of nutrients.
  • A system of constructed wetlands used as a natural biological filter. The wastewater percolates on the surface, flows vertically into the layers of the filter substrates in the basin and is collected into a collecting line.

Project Details
Sha'ar Ha'amakim
Treatment by stream separation, static separator and green basins
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dairy farm of 350 milking cows

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