The Zippori stream basin supports a wide range of agricultural activities and the development of cultural heritage. In the past decade, it has also become a site for leisure and recreational activities.

The master plan for supplying water to the stream is based on the need to preserve its natural landscape by maintaining its lively appearance, with water flowing throughout the year, while supplying high quality water to farmers by collecting the water downstream and supplying it for irrigation.

The model for the water supply plan includes a geographic information system (GIS) based data-base, which includes 600 agricultural plots and multiple information layers: the type of crop, irrigation method, existing state and future development plans.

A Hydrological and statistical analysis have been conducted, and a plan was prepared for the storage, transmission and increase in water pressure, in order to supply 400 m3 of water per year (currently provided by pirated pumping installations connected directly to the stream), and up to a final capacity of 900 m3 per year for the development of all surrounding agricultural plots.

The plan is accompanied by the Water Authority, the Kishon Drainage Authority, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and other bodies.

Project Details
water supply
Water supply to the river to preserve nature and agricultural values
Client Name
Kishon Drainage Authority
Main Figures
GIS-based hydrological and statistical analysis

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