The establishment of a new neighborhood in Migdal HaEmek city while preserving the important agricultural landscape in the Jazre’el Valley requires creative solutions, including the decommissioning of one reservoir and the enlargement of another in its place.

Palgey Maim Company has taken on the challenge of planning and constructing the Nahalal reservoir for the Kolhei Emek Yizre’el Water Association.

The reservoir, with a capacity of 350,000 cubic meters, provides irrigation water to the farmers of the Jazre’el Valley.

The project involved:

  • complex construction, including a 12-meter deep pumping station within an existing battery.
  • earthworks and pipe laying over a distance of 4 kilometers using PE pipes with a diameter of 355-500 mm.

The duration of the project was 6 months.

Project Details
Jazreel Valley
water supply
Design and build of reclamation system for irrigation
Client Name
Kolchey Emek Yizreel
Main Figures
pump station pipelines and reservoir of 350,0003

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