The Hatzbani Dan Cooperative built and operates a plant for supplying water and generating energy from waters of the Dan River.

The cooperative owns a perception facility, operational reservoir, main pipe line 70” in diameter, supply branches to consumers and a hydroelectric power plant.

The plant was built in the 1980s and provides water for irrigation via gravitation to the “Hula” Valley farmers; surplus irrigation water is used for generating electricity.

The hydroelectric plant consists of two turbines for generating electricity with a production capacity of approximately 2 mW (~20,000 cubic meters per hour).

For increased energy production during peak hours, a feasibility study was carried out on the addition of a third turbine and the construction of a new power plant and at a lower level downstream of the existing station.

General planning of a number of alternatives was carried out, hydraulic modeling of water supply and power generation systems and calibration of the model by simulations and field tests, and the formulation and construction of an annual model for the optimal operation of energy plants.

Project Details
water supply
hydraulic model for water supply to a hydroelectric power plant and the possibility of expanding the power plant in the future
Client Name
Hatzbani Dan Agricultural Cooperative Society for supplying Water Ltd
Main Figures
hydroelectric PP for 2MW

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