Or Yam quarter, which is located in the south of Or Akiva, is a 1000-dunam residential quarter that includes approximately 3500 residential units, public buildings, commercial areas, and public open spaces. Already at the initial planning stages of the quarter it turned out that in order to build and develop it, a unique drainage solution must be planned since there are no accessible drainage routes in the quarter vicinity.

The drainage system in the neighborhood is based on a stormwater percolation, retention, channeling and storage system that spreads over the entire quarter. Palgey Maim has taken part in devising and planning the drainage system from the initial hydrological model stages to the detailed planning for executing the unique drainage systems in the quarter.


  • Devising a hydrological model to analyze rainfall flow rates and volumes versus ‎percolation and storage capacity in the quarter.
  • Planning the drainage scheme in the quarter including 4 percolation circles in the ‎quarter
  • in plots, roads, longitudinal public open spaces, and storage of excessive ‎water in end reservoirs.‎
  • Specifying and monitoring a geo hydrological and soil survey.‎
  • Detailed planning of infiltration details into private plots, transmission and percolation ‎pipeline, delay volumes, and end reservoirs.‎
  •  Full planning for all stages – master plan, general planning, detailed planning, ‎execution plans, and construction site supervision.‎
Project Details
Or Akiva
Residential area 1,000 dunams built 3,500 units. Drainage based on a unique seepage system
Client Name
The Caesarea Edmond ‎Benjamin de Rothschild ‎Development Corporation
Main Figures
municipal drainage

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