In a large area enclosed between the route of the Valley Train railroad and Harod Stream, remained certain sections, where water could not drain through the higher roadside drainage system.

The land was riddled with stones, which disrupted agricultural cultivation, and at one extreme event, the entire 30,000 acres were flooded by overflow from the Harod Stream.

Furthermore, after completion of the Valley Train railway project, dirt piles were left, which had to be disposed of. Accordingly, a plan was made to level the land so that the area could be properly drained and used for agriculture, in addition to irrigation system maintenance.

The redistributed soil was cleared of stones and therefore the agricultural performance improved. Fertilizers were also added due to the depth of the layer of redistributed soil and it’s chemical infertility.

Project Details
Kibbutz Yizrael
Expanding agricultural areas in a balanced way to improve natural fertilization and natural drainage of the area
Client Name
Kibbutz Yizrael
Main Figures
Land planning for the addition of agricultural lands and floods prevention

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