The challenge:

Harsh odors of gases are emitted into the environment, causing complaints from residents, and nearby commercial areas, therefore an immediate solution was required. In order to achieve high rate of oxidation of the water in the reservoir, we implemented a unique technology of nano bubbles, which prevent the emission of gases such as H2S and methane.

The purpose of the nano bubbles ozone system:

Creating an aerobic condition of the water in the reservoir, in order to prevent odor nuisances to the environment.

Creation of a deep oxygen profile all the way to the bottom of the reservoir, supplying oxygen in such a way that it reaches most of the surface of the water in the reservoir and avoids sections of anaerobic fermentation.

The Reservoir:
The surface area of ​​the water is 35 dunams
The depth of the water in the reservoir above the mud layer is estimated at 4 meters
Estimated volume of the reservoir is about 135,000 m3

Advantages of the oxidation method in nano bubbles:
High efficiency and low energy consumption.
The quality results of the effluents treated with nano bubbles indicated a very high pollutant removal efficiency.
The oxygen concentration in the reservoir treated with nanobubbles remained elevated and remained stable
Removal of organic load in water is carried out.
The evaporation of the sulfides from the reservoir has decreased to 0 since the system was activated.
No more complaints about odor nuisances have been received.

Reservoir effluent treatment by floating nano bubbles ozone system

Project Details
Wastewater treatment
Harsh odor treatment by floating nano bubbles ozone system
Client Name
Regional council lower galilee
Main Figures
Nano bubbles

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