Infrastructure for water supply, drainage, sewage and agricultural roads

An agricultural settlement was established in central Angola with the aim of developing an agricultural infrastructure for the country as it recovers from the civil war.  The project covers an area of 5000 hectares and the plans called for the creation of 300 farming units of 1 hectare each, 10 homes, training and logistical centers, a community center with schools and kindergartens as well as a park for holding public events, in addition to a farming center with net houses and greenhouses for growing vegetables. The area’s allotments and planning were carried with the maximum conservation of the natural resources in mind. The planned drainage systems include roadside ditches and culverts for allowing the wastewater to flow towards the treatment sites.

The agricultural project is based on three elements:

  • Private agriculture: About 300 holdings with an adjoining field and a more distant field.
  • A cooperative commercial center.
  • An agricultural project with 900 hectares of field crops, and during the second stage 64 farms, each farm 50 hectares in size.

Palgey Maim’s contribution to this project is the general and detailed planning of the water, sewage and drainage system leading to the village and within the village in addition to planning 200 km of roads on five different standard categories.

The drainage team planned the network of channels in the village and in the agricultural areas.  A hydrological analysis and hydrological was conducted and also test runs and the culverts were chosen accordingly.  All the roads in the village were planned to include asphalt roads, substrate roads on various levels and dirt roads. 190 km of roads and several dozen culverts. Furthermore, the development of the village was planned in addition to the elevations’ grid for all 300 plots and 0.00 was determined for each structure.

Currently, greenhouses are being added to each housing unit and the site development was planned accordingly and the essential changes in the planning of the drainage system were made.  The water and sewage team planned water supply system for home usages as well as the system for the collection and removal of wastewater. The planning here includes 26 km of wastewater pipelines and 21 km of water pipelines, a pumping station for wastewater and providing solutions for problems relating to the coordination of infrastructures and integrating the methods used in laying down the pipelines and digging the trenches.

Project Details
water supply, wastewater, drainage
Planning of a pit area for a settler village of 300 units.
Client Name
Angolan Ministry of Agriculture
Main Figures
A settler village that includes residences, agriculture and public buildings

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