Palgey Maim performed an engineering survey for a SEAPAL water company in Puerto Vallarta – Western Mexico, ‎to analyze its water sources. ‎
The survey included the water and sewer networks as well as the wastewater treatment plants.‎
The water supply system in the city is in crisis in terms of available water, and a number of issues were identified, ‎which must and can be solved.‎
Palgey Maim proposed the development of alternative water sources in short time-frames by operating existing ‎wells that are not in use, and which had been polluted as a result of high concentrations of iron (Fe) and ‎manganese (Mn). ‎
In order to remove iron and manganese, there are technologies available based on the use of chlorine, flocculation ‎and sedimentation.‎
Palgey Maim proposed its innovative Nano-Bubble solution technology, which has a significant advantage in terms ‎of efficiency in removing iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn), both in the context of non-formation of the negative by-‎products (in terms of health) obtained as a result of the use of chlorine and with regards to the testing process. ‎
Moreover, the use of chlorination facilities in the wells located near populated centers was saved. ‎
‎**The most common and cheapest chlorination method is based on gaseous chlorine

The engineering solution ‎
The proposed solution is designed to treat well water with a flow rate of 144 m3 per hour – 40 liters/second‎
The proposed solution is built of two primary modules. ‎
Module 1 – three Nano-Bubble reactors + ozone (obtained from an ozone generator).‎
Module 2 – sand filtration (12 pressure filter units).‎

Facility Description

  • Facility for removing iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) (flow of 40 liter/hour)‎
  • Three reactors in which Nano-Bubble generators installed and fed with ozone
  • A pressurized sand filtration system that includes 12 filters
  • Control system
  • Two units for exporting ozone 100 gr/hour
  • Two pumps 160 m3/hour 35 meters (feed for filtration)‎
  • Continuous monitoring system for turbidity and dissolved ozone.‎
Project Details
Puerto Vallarta
water treatment
Treatment of wells. flow of 144 m3/sec on iron and manganese removal
Client Name
SEAPAL vallarta
Main Figures
Nano bubbles and filtration

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