The Project initiated, designed and managed by the Pilgei-Maim, within the general framework of cooperation with different municipalities in Jezreel Valley, on different projects.

Goals for the project:

  • Identification of sources of wastewater and effluents in the Jezreel Valley.
  • Creating a regional solution for all sewage flowing into the valley.
  • Construction of wastewater treatment plants to obtain the quality of the effluents required to enter the main reservoirs.
  • Utilizing existing irrigation water reservoirs for both containment and treatment of the effluents.
  • Implementing the plan by the shortest schedule possible.

Working method:

  • Cooperating with several municipalities to implement each of the sewage treatment plants.
  • Locating optimal locations for construction of each sewage treatment plant.
  • Reducing costs to the municipalities (the sewage sources) in order to make it easier for them to contribute to the project.
  • increase system reliability by Reducing operating costs.
  • Managing sewage flow to the reservoirs in order to reach the required settling time.
  • Establishing a management and operation company for the entire system.
  • Constructing a control system to manage the flow.

Stages of the project:

1990 – Planning stage – Presentation of master plan.

1992 – Completion of master plan. Beginning preparation of detailed plan.

1993 – Construction of the Tel-Adashim plant.

1995 – Beginning operation of the Tel-Adashim sewage treatment plant. Construction of the Ramat-Yishai sewage treatment plant.

1996 – Beginning operation of the Ginnegar plant – laying of first section.

1998 – Beginning operation of the Ha’Solelim plant.

1999 – Beginning operation of the Yokneam plant, operation of the Dovrat plant, and completion of pipeline segments.

2000 – Opening the pipe-line from Tel-Adashim to Yokne’am.

2001-2003 – Addition of sub-sectors to the main pipe-line.

2005 – Laying of the Israel Electric Company line connecting the sewage treatment plants to power.

2006 – Laying the section connecting Tel-Adashim pipe-line to Dovrat, completion of the. Zarzir sewage treatment plant, completion of the Ma’ale-Iron facility.

2008 – Installation of connection to the Alon-Tavor combined-cycle power plant project.

2010 – Construction of Ha’Sargel reservoir and connection to Ha’Sargel pipe-line.

Main sewage sources

Nazareth, Nazareth Illit, Migdal HaEmek, Yokneam, Ramat Yishai, Tivon, Jezreel Valley, Ilut, Reina, Ein Mahal Iksal, Nin, Maale-Iron, Megiddo Regional Council and Alon-Tavor “Tnuva” Dairy factory.

*Amount of wastewater as at 2015 is 17 million m3/year.

Active sewage treatment plants:

Name Daily flow (m3/day) Annual flow (m3/year)
Tel-Adashim 14,000 5.2
Ginnegar 9,000 3.2
Ha’Solelim 8,500 3.1
Yokneam, Tivon and Ramat-Yishai 7,200 2.6
Dovrat 4,800 1.7
Zarzir, Ma’ale-Iron, Ha’yogev 2,600 1.0
Tnuva Dairy Factory 3,600 (ביום עבודה) 1.0

Consumers of primary wastewater (for irrigation):

  • Jezreel Valley Water Association
  • Lower Galilee Water Association (“Mei Galil Tahton”)
  • Israel Electric Company
  • Tel-Ad (Tel Adashim) water association, Gazit water association, and others.

*40 reservoirs are connected to the project.


  • High quality effluents can be achieved, even with simple aeration pools.
  • It is possible to establish systems which provide an advantage to both the wastewater source (i.e. A city) and wastewater consumers (i.e. Farmers) without harming the environment.
  • Large systems, which are beneficial to both sides, can be well-funded when established in cooperation with many authorities and many farmers, provided that there is an administrative and coordinating system
  • Semi-intensive treatment facilities can function as planed for many years.
  • The amount of sludge accumulating in the facilities and the filtering rate are lower than expected.
  • Suspension of effluent a reservoir for at least 30 days drastically reduces the amount of pollutants.
  • Existing control systems make it possible to operate large systems, which can include several treatment facilities and dozens of reservoirs
Project Details
Emek Izrael
water supply
Client Name
The Jezreel Valley Water Association
Mei Galil Tahton water association
Israel's Electric Company
Tel-Ad Association (Tel Adashim)
Main Figures
Jazreel sewage regional solution

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