The diversion of the route of Highway 6 – the Trans-Israel Highway made it necessary to move the treated wastewater and flood reservoirs to a new location, and thereby, in effect, create a new reclamation system. The new reclamation system includes treated wastewater reservoirs, flood reservoirs, pumping stations and WSS- water supply system.

Work details

  • A floodwater reservoir built underneath the kibbutz, with a capacity of up to 330,000 thousand cubic meters.
  • The treated wastewater reservoir with a HDPE covering constructed in accordance with the regulatory requirements, with a volume of 50,000 cubic meters was constructed to collect water from the Kishon conglomerate system the quality of the water collected was high enough to permit its use for irrigating all crops.
  • For the floodwater reservoir, the system includes 2 pumps:
  1. 120 m3/h
  2. 100 m3/h

Both pumps are planned for a pressure of 95 m.

  • Operational reservoir: 2 pumps of 500 m3/h for a pressure of 30 m.
Project Details
Sha'ar Ha'amakim
water supply
Two reservoirs: a flood reservoir a volume of 330 M3 and a treated water reservoir in a volume of 50 M3
Client Name
Kibbutz Shaar Ha'amakim
Main Figures
system includes pump station pipelines and 2 reservoirs

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