The farm was established and operated for 25 years, as a flood-irrigated sugar-cane farm.  At the beginning of the 90s, the farm was abandoned for approximately 25 years.  In recent years a franchise was acquired on the estate, with the intention of turning it into a modern farmstead, with pressurized drip-irrigation systems.  The Kantale project comprises the production of sugar and the generation of electricity, including growing sugar-cane on a scale of approximately 8,000 Ha.

The project is based on water supply from the Kantale Dam and an existing canal reaching the project boundary. The work included conceptual planning for the concept and operation of the farm, in parallel with coordination with a large number of professionals (agronomists, mechanization experts, local engineers, etc.). The rest of the planning dealt with partitioning of the entire area into sub-areas, in relation to water supply, water storage – reservoirs, drainage and roads, defining water collection, pumping stations and additional facilities.  The program defined pumping stations and outlined the requirements for all the project’s components, with emphasis on establishing an appropriate Project Standard, adjusting performance and operations to ensure minimal costs in construction, operations and maintenance.


  • Tens of kilometers of pipelines water channeling , drainage system and roads.
  • Seven pumping stations that include more than 60 pumps, total capacity of 20,000 m3/hr
  • Seven reservoirs with total capacity of more than 1,000,000 m3.
  • Tens of hydraulic facilities for water-conveyance and canal management.



  • Preparing a conceptualplan for drainage
  • Preparing a conceptualplan for water supply
Project Details
Sugar Cane Farm
Sri Lanka
water supply, drainage
The project includes water lines, roads, pumping stations, reservoirs and various hydraulic facilities
Client Name
Main Figures
Sugar cane farm of 8000 Ha

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