Construction of trout ponds in Kibbutz Dan. Five projects with a total volumetric flow rate of 6,000 m3/h, with 450 tons of fish at the Trout project.

The project consisted of planning and construction of the necessary geometrical formations and the use of various building materials, according to the purpose of each pool, to reach optimal results:

  • Rectangular concrete pools for fish before shipment.
  • coated dirt pools to accommodate for different growth stages.
  • prefabricated concrete bottomless pools with plastic coating.
  • circular concrete pools for fish weighting over 1 kg.
  • Designing a low-angle gravitational water supply system, drainage system for water filtration, automatic fish collection system and fish-pumps to transfer fish between different pools.

The projects included treatment and filtration systems for the drainage water returning to the natural stream.

Project Details
breeding farm for 450 tons per year. includes: pool system, drainage system, placental system and water treatment system for reuse
Client Name
Dagey Dan - Kibbutz Dan
Main Figures
breeding farm for Trouts
10 million NIS

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