The Jezreel Valley is located in Northern Israel and covers an area of 25,000 hectares approximately, made up mainly of agricultural fields.

Following irrigation, the area began suffering from high water tables and salinization of the soil in the water (“because of the water”). Physical obstacles such as reservoir embankments and, in this case, the Jezreel Valley railway embankment, exacerbate these phenomena upstream of the embankment.

One area adjacent to the Jezreel Valley embankment is Yafia 7, which belongs to Kibbutz Mizra, where underground drainage was performed (“carried out” OR “implemented” OR “completed” in order to counteract the salinization process and lower the water table.

To date, the system is functioning and removes brine, approximately 10 PPM chlorides.

Project Details
Emek Izrael
Expansion of agricultural areas and use of areas that were not possible without drainage
Client Name
Kibbutz Mizra
Main Figures
Subterranean drainage to treat soil salinization
0.7 Million NIS

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