Planning and implementation of an upgrade to the pre-treatment system for sewage, carrying wastewater from the Ma’adanei-Mizra food factory. The construction of the system was preceded by a thorough examination of the production processes, in order to allow discharge of the wastewater into the main public sewage system, in accordance with Industrial Waste Regulations.

Sewage from food production facilities contains a high mass of different oils, and therefore needs to go through a pre-treatment system before it can be sent to the main sewage system.

Detailed process

  • Conducting a survey of all production processes conducted at the plant, to locate the sources of pollution in the wastewater, and their classification.
  • Planning the upgrade includes submitting a technical report of the existing facility for approval by the authorities and preparing the plans for the upgrade.
  • Upgrading the facility included, among other things:
    • Addition of a leveling system to enable the continuous and efficient operation of the DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) system, which separates fats and other organic compounds from the wastewater.
    • Installation of polymer preparation and processing system.
    • Repairing of the pipes going to the DAF system. Including installation of high quality pipes to carry oils out.
    • Refurbishing of the piping and air injection points for the DAF facility.
    • Repairing and adjusting the command panel, including readjustment of the management software.
    • The upgrade included purchasing of new equipment according to the guidelines set forth in the technical report.
    • Preparing documentation for facility characteristics.
    • Operation of the facility to the customer’s satisfaction and supervising proper operation and the quality of the treated wastewater.
Project Details
Kibutz Mizra
industrial wastewater
industrials wastewater rich of sodium fats and chlorides is treated to a quality that allows discharge to the regional municipal waste water
Client Name
Maadanei Mizra - Tiv Ta'am
Main Figures
pre treatment system - DAF technology

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