Nano bubbles, are extremely small gas bubbles typically measuring less than 200 nanometres. Nano bubbles exhibit unique properties due to their extreme small size. They are highly stable and can remain suspended in liquid for extended periods of time, resisting buoyancy and gravitational forces. This stability allows them to distribute evenly throughout a liquid solution, providing benefits in various applications.

One of the key characteristics of nano bubbles is their high surface area-to-volume ratio. This feature enhances their ability to dissolve gases into liquids, making them efficient carriers for gases such as oxygen or ozone. As a result, nano bubbles can be a very efficient solution in fields such as water and wastewater treatment, aquaculture, and more.

    • ‎Longevity: Nano bubbles can remain suspended in water for extended ‎periods of time, which distinguishes them from larger bubbles that tend to ‎rise to the surface and burst relatively quickly.‎
    • High Stability: Nano bubbles exhibit high stability due to their small size ‎and surface tension effects, allowing them to persist in a liquid ‎environment for longer durations.‎
    • ‎Enhanced Gas Dissolution: Due to their high surface area-to-volume ratio, ‎nano bubbles have the potential to enhance gas dissolution efficiency in ‎liquids. ‎

Why Nano bubbles?

Nanobubble technology offers a highly efficient solution to address environmental challenges, ensuring energy efficiency and chemical reduction in water and wastewater treatment applications

Chemical Reduction

Energy Efficiency

Water Quality Improvement

Planning is one of the most important initial stages of each project – correct and comprehensive planning is the key to creating the best outcomes. Palgey Maim is a leading expert in its market segments and offers unparalleled experience in services such as planning and design. Our process of configuring each project with the best possible design consists of taking into account all of the elements that are required to construct a successful venture – we review every aspect, from technological to economic. Palgey Maim offers a unique combination of traditional work methods and creative problem solving to ensure that each project will be executed in the best form. Our teams supervise each step – from all initial planning stages to the final stages of construction and operation.

Palgey Maim maintains over 50 years of experience carrying out all areas of project planning and design in all of its market segments.

The planning process begins with conducting preliminary studies, such as pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. This is done in order to ensure that all project elements are taken into account, and we are able to create an accurate and detailed project plan.

Advanced master plans, modeling and simulation using software such as WaterCad and SewerCad, give us the opportunity to present the planning process in a dynamic and visual medium. This advanced technology allows us to predict different variations in real-time conditions.

In addition to complete planning and design, we also offer financial analysis in order to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution. Our experts are available for each step of the project, from beginning to end.

Palgey Maim is offering a unique combination of traditional techniques and innovative solutions. By viewing water as an integrated system, we are successfully producing world-class infrastructure projects, which meet the strictest regulations – we are proud to be industry leaders and bring our clients and communities the optimal services in all of our market segments – water and wastewater, drainage, reservoirs, wastewater treatment, aquaculture, industrial wastewater facilities, agriculture, community development and more.

We provide around the clock operating, supervision and maintenance services, focusing on water and wastewater treatment. Palgey Maim’s operation division stays with the project from the initial stages of design until the final stages of completion and operating. Our professional teams are actively involved in applying over four decades of expertise in the operation and improvement of water and wastewater systems. We work closely with our manufacturing partners and contractors in order to create seamless hydraulic and electro-mechanic systems according to the clients’ requirements, and in order to facilitate improved overall performance and revenues.

Palgey Maim’s operation and supervision division include process engineers, maintenance professional, quality assurance, and an in-house laboratory that corresponds to all industry regulation and parameters. Our team consists of over 55 professionals who provide 24/7 operating and supervision nationwide.

Palgey Maim specializes in supervision and operation in the following fields:

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Palgey Maim operates over 20 nationwide water and wastewater facilities with ranging mass flow rates. Maintenance and supervision are done with keeping to the strict regulations and national/international standards. We pride ourselves on accomplishing such high levels of performance thanks to our main principal of energy efficient operation and constant process improvement. Our water and wastewater treatment facilities are operated using several technologies such as MBBR, MBR, A2O, extensive facilities and more.

Water and Wastewater Pumping Stations

Palgey Maim specializes in several pumping technologies, such as treatment plants with non-clog pumps (both submerged and external), and high pressure pupping stations using screw pumps. All of our plants and stations are equipped with state of the art control systems, which provide our clients and contractors with the best supervision for each project.

Reclaimed Water

Our operation and supervision division is also responsible for supplying reclaimed water for irrigation and reservoir replenishment, using pipelines that connect our treatment plants to the suppliers and reclaimed water reservoirs. Palgey Maim completes an average yearly water conveyance of 18 m3/day to over 25 suppliers. Our systems have created a nationwide network that connects between wastewater developers and reclaimed water consumers, an achievement that creates a better sustainability atmosphere both environmentally and agriculturally.

In-House Laboratory

A specialized laboratory for sanitary and industrial waste testing and quality assurance. Our laboratory team is responsible for testing and QA of all procedures conducted in our treatment plants and reservoirs – we adhere to the strictest regulations regarding water and wastewater infrastructures and environmental regulations, which allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality of water.

Control Systems

All of Palgey Maim’s plants and facilities are equipped with high-tech “mission control” systems providing us with real-time feedback and overall better supervision. We also offer our unique services in designing master-plans for creating control systems, as well as improving existing systems.

Palgey Main executes turnkey projects in each of its market segments.

We are an organization that believes in a holistic approach to each project – providing our clients with a full and complete coverage from beginning to end. This approach allows us to be involved in every stage of each project, thus proving the best work environment and best results.

Palgey Maim executes outstanding projects, which attempt to break boundaries and create innovative solutions for a better future. When a client approaches us with an idea, our first goal is to create a larger image – we create an overall view with extensive assessments in order to get the best results. Our purpose is to turn ideas into realities, and we pride ourselves on combining our innovative approach with traditional work methods. We provide our clients with services ranging from operating and upgrading existing infrastructures, reservoir construction, treatment facilities and plants, water and sewage pipelines, industrial waste treatment facilities, pumping stations, aquaculture ponds and more.

Turnkey projects have a unique feature, which allows for cooperation and partnership to take place – between private, municipal and agricultural sectors. Our purpose is to create a better environment, nationally and internationally. We always strive to cultivate a work process that will contribute to the delicate ecosystems and biosystems around us – a goal that we are achieving by using our advanced technology and professional teams.

As an industry leader in water treatment, Palgey Main brings to the table a unique approach to different market segments such as water, wastewater, reservoirs, aquaculture and more. With over 100 professionals and over 40 years of extensive experience, Palgey Maim is an organization that develops and uses new and creative technology to overcome the challenges of modern water management and treatment.

With water resources becoming more and more limited, we recognize the crucial need to research and develop technologies that will create better and greener futures for our communities. Our water projects take into account all regional and national water resources in order to optimize sustainability, availability and quality in agricultural, industrial and residential usage.

With a goal to lead and stand at the forefront of technological innovation, Palgey Maim has initiated a special research division in order to cultivate and promote new ideas and technologies. Our research and development division invites academic individuals and international professionals in order to participate in water treatment studies and programs around the world. We pride ourselves on creating work teams that specialize in implementing new and innovative technology in accordance to a variety of different research programs, such as BIRD and HORIZON 20/20. We focus our research on wastewater treatment, reclaimed water, energy efficiency, technological modeling and more.