As an industry leader in water treatment, Palgey Main brings to the table a unique approach to different market segments such as water, wastewater, reservoirs, aquaculture and more. With over 100 professionals and over 40 years of extensive experience, Palgey Maim is an organization that develops and uses new and creative technology to overcome the challenges of modern water management and treatment.

With water resources becoming more and more limited, we recognize the crucial need to research and develop technologies that will create better and greener futures for our communities. Our water projects take into account all regional and national water resources in order to optimize sustainability, availability and quality in agricultural, industrial and residential usage.

With a goal to lead and stand at the forefront of technological innovation, Palgey Maim has initiated a special research division in order to cultivate and promote new ideas and technologies. Our research and development division invites academic individuals and international professionals in order to participate in water treatment studies and programs around the world. We pride ourselves on creating work teams that specialize in implementing new and innovative technology in accordance to a variety of different research programs, such as BIRD and HORIZON 20/20. We focus our research on wastewater treatment, reclaimed water, energy efficiency, technological modeling and more.