Nano bubbles, are extremely small gas bubbles typically measuring less than 200 nanometres. Nano bubbles exhibit unique properties due to their extreme small size. They are highly stable and can remain suspended in liquid for extended periods of time, resisting buoyancy and gravitational forces. This stability allows them to distribute evenly throughout a liquid solution, providing benefits in various applications.

One of the key characteristics of nano bubbles is their high surface area-to-volume ratio. This feature enhances their ability to dissolve gases into liquids, making them efficient carriers for gases such as oxygen or ozone. As a result, nano bubbles can be a very efficient solution in fields such as water and wastewater treatment, aquaculture, and more.

    • ‎Longevity: Nano bubbles can remain suspended in water for extended ‎periods of time, which distinguishes them from larger bubbles that tend to ‎rise to the surface and burst relatively quickly.‎
    • High Stability: Nano bubbles exhibit high stability due to their small size ‎and surface tension effects, allowing them to persist in a liquid ‎environment for longer durations.‎
    • ‎Enhanced Gas Dissolution: Due to their high surface area-to-volume ratio, ‎nano bubbles have the potential to enhance gas dissolution efficiency in ‎liquids. ‎

Why Nano bubbles?

Nanobubble technology offers a highly efficient solution to address environmental challenges, ensuring energy efficiency and chemical reduction in water and wastewater treatment applications

Chemical Reduction

Energy Efficiency

Water Quality Improvement