Planning is one of the most important initial stages of each project – correct and comprehensive planning is the key to creating the best outcomes. Palgey Maim is a leading expert in its market segments and offers unparalleled experience in services such as planning and design. Our process of configuring each project with the best possible design consists of taking into account all of the elements that are required to construct a successful venture – we review every aspect, from technological to economic. Palgey Maim offers a unique combination of traditional work methods and creative problem solving to ensure that each project will be executed in the best form. Our teams supervise each step – from all initial planning stages to the final stages of construction and operation.

Palgey Maim maintains over 50 years of experience carrying out all areas of project planning and design in all of its market segments.

The planning process begins with conducting preliminary studies, such as pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. This is done in order to ensure that all project elements are taken into account, and we are able to create an accurate and detailed project plan.

Advanced master plans, modeling and simulation using software such as WaterCad and SewerCad, give us the opportunity to present the planning process in a dynamic and visual medium. This advanced technology allows us to predict different variations in real-time conditions.

In addition to complete planning and design, we also offer financial analysis in order to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution. Our experts are available for each step of the project, from beginning to end.

Palgey Maim is offering a unique combination of traditional techniques and innovative solutions. By viewing water as an integrated system, we are successfully producing world-class infrastructure projects, which meet the strictest regulations – we are proud to be industry leaders and bring our clients and communities the optimal services in all of our market segments – water and wastewater, drainage, reservoirs, wastewater treatment, aquaculture, industrial wastewater facilities, agriculture, community development and more.