Palgey Main executes turnkey projects in each of its market segments.

We are an organization that believes in a holistic approach to each project – providing our clients with a full and complete coverage from beginning to end. This approach allows us to be involved in every stage of each project, thus proving the best work environment and best results.

Palgey Maim executes outstanding projects, which attempt to break boundaries and create innovative solutions for a better future. When a client approaches us with an idea, our first goal is to create a larger image – we create an overall view with extensive assessments in order to get the best results. Our purpose is to turn ideas into realities, and we pride ourselves on combining our innovative approach with traditional work methods. We provide our clients with services ranging from operating and upgrading existing infrastructures, reservoir construction, treatment facilities and plants, water and sewage pipelines, industrial waste treatment facilities, pumping stations, aquaculture ponds and more.

Turnkey projects have a unique feature, which allows for cooperation and partnership to take place – between private, municipal and agricultural sectors. Our purpose is to create a better environment, nationally and internationally. We always strive to cultivate a work process that will contribute to the delicate ecosystems and biosystems around us – a goal that we are achieving by using our advanced technology and professional teams.